Episode 99: The One Where Tony Signs Up

Well, it’s been a while, but yes – The Little Metal Dog Show podcast is still very much alive. Michael returns with an all new episode and an all new co-host! From here onwards, each episode will also have the splendid Tony Boydell on staff as well, and we figured that the best thing to do would bring him in for a quick catch up before we hit the next episode that will actually get the show to triple figures…

Each show will have a theme, and this one covers the wonderful world of Conventions. From UK Games Expo to BGG.con and every show in between, the people, the games and the experiences are what make the world of games so good. Michael and Tony discuss the 2016 season and what they’re looking forward to in the next year…

The podcast will be available through iTunes as always, but if you’d like to get it right now, you can grab it directly from this link here. And of course, subscribing to the channel is always a nice thing too!

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