The Little Metal Dog Show began back in April 2010 with an idea to produce a podcast on board games that did things a little differently. It took a while to decide the approach that would be taken, but soon an interview-based show quickly became the format to stick with. Each episode normally has a couple of interviews that could really cover any area from the world of gaming – as long as someone is interesting, they’re welcome to come on as a guest. From players and designers to mathematicians and film-makers, The Little Metal Dog Show looks far and wide for people who – above all else – have something interesting to say.

Michael Fox is a podcaster and writer by night, and pretty much the same by day. He is passionate about gaming of all kinds, his favourite games including Battlestar Galactica, Dixit and Power Grid. He has far too many things with cables sitting underneath his television. When he doesn’t have a controller in his hand, he can often be found huddled around a table throwing dice and cards about trying to save the universe.

He is married to his brilliant and talented wife, Steph. She draws comics (and little metal dogs) and can occasionally be seen picking up wooden cubes off the floor, cursing. She is very very tolerant.