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If you’d like to get in touch with The Little Metal Dog Show, you are spoilt for choice with TWO options…

Option 1 – Want to bug me on social media? You can!

Option 2 – The general contact email – – for all your queries, questions and random stuff. If there’s anything you want to let us know (or you have something for us to review!) we’d be delighted if you got in touch! While there is no longer a Little Metal Dog Show podcast, there’s our small but perfectly formed YouTube channel which will be ramping up with splendid gaming content as we settle into our new home in Belfast, Northern Ireland – we’ve even got space for a proper studio!

One important thing, though – if you’re looking for us to just plug your Kickstarter, we DON’T do that. The Little Metal Dog Show only talks about games that we’ve actually played, so unless you can provide us a copy of your game well in advance of your campaign, don’t even hit Send! If your campaign is running and you want a mention, Twitter’s the only way we’ll consider it – and even then, Michael is a VERY picky bugger.

Much love,


16 responses to “Contact us!

  1. Hermann

    Hey guys! Very interesting site – I will peruse it in more detail this weekend. You don’t have any games from Victory Point Games on your review list. I am a designer for them and if you’d like to check out their games, let me know and I’ll hook you up! Thanks and best regards,
    Hermann Luttmann
    Bellport, NY USA

    • idlemichael

      Hey Hermann!

      We do have a piece on Victory Point Games around here somewhere… Campfire Burning wrote about his love for them on a recent Tales from the Fireside. Drop me a line on – it’d be interesting to speak with you!

      • Hermann

        Will do!

      • Hermann

        Hey Mike!
        I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago – did you ever get it? I’m just checking as I’ve been having trouble with my e-mail system here.

  2. Mike Arms

    Hi, Michael.

    A new listener to the LMD podcast. Making my way through your earliest episodes (9-16 so far). iTunes is reporting that the URL for Episode #17 is invalid. Can you fix that as I, and I’m sure others, would like to give it a listen. Also, is there any place where we can d/l the first 8 episodes (they do not appear in the iTunes feed)? Thanks for a very enjoyable podcast. I subscribed to the show after it popped up on my radar after joining the Dice Tower Network. Keep up the excellent work, and good gaming to you from the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico, USA).

    – Mike Arms

  3. idlemichael

    Hi Mike – looks like iTunes only holds the 20 most recent episodes (no idea why!) so you may have to grab the episodes directly from here on the site. Have a look at the Episode List page; each one has a link to its post here on the site and in turn you can grab the mp3 directly. It’s a bit of a pain in the bum but you can at least listen to the terrifyingly early days of the show!

    Advance warning – I was very nervous very often 😉

    I’ll check up on #17 as well. Thanks for listening!

  4. Joel Wright

    Hi Micheal,
    Love listening to the podcast and visiting the site, but i was wondering if you thinking of having a forum page on the site, so fans of the show can talk about the show, games and maybe starting up clubs, like i am trying to do in south devon. with no luck.

    regards Joel wright

    • idlemichael

      Hey Joel!

      Ummm… I thought about running a forum here on LMDS, but in all honesty it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to do so. I think it’s better to use the Dice Tower forums over on BGG – there’s a ready made community there who are very active. You can join in the fun at

  5. Gedden

    Sadly, all emails sent to are bouncing!

  6. madhattersneverland

    Hi Michael,
    This may be a bit odd to comment on another podcast – namely the “State of Games” podcast – but since the episode I’m commenting on was specifically about Albino Dragon and “Ace of Spies”, I figured it would make sense.
    First off though – congrats on a great game design, and I do want to play it if I ever get a chance.

    Anyway, here was the comment I left on episode 29 of “The State of Games”…

    While I liked the episode, listening to Richard talk about the methods Albino Dragon is going to be using to sell and distribute the games actually upset me.
    Let me explain…

    You see, I really like Michael Fox, and his podcast and I love everything I’m reading about Ace of Spies. I would love to get a copy, but is appears I won’t be able to
    You see, even though I’m following it closely in Kickstarter, I won’t be able to sponsor it. And now that I hear it will only be available through Amazon – I’ll be out of luck there too.

    The reason being is that I don’t use credit cards – which is the only method of payment Amazon (and therefore Kickstarter) accepts from us Canadians.
    At least with local FLGS and even most online retails, I can use paypal or pay from my bank account. (That’s how I’m getting my copy of Carnival).

    I do wish the Albino Dragon guys great success in there ventures and I hope I don’t miss out on to many great games from them.

    Your Friend North of the border,
    Mad Hatters Neverland

  7. evan

    Just discovered your fantastic podcast… !!! – I’ve been listening to all the shows in consecutive order – just to let you know – episode 8 doesn’t seem to be available to download… I guess the computer gremlins have eaten it.

  8. Luke

    Very nice site, some good insight into games I’ve played or owned (can’t reccomend Citadels enough! :D) .

    I’m looking for something new and strategic though – a friend at a club brought Settlers of Catan with “Cities & Knights” which looked interesting, but I’m looking at alternatives also. Civilisations was tempting but you haven’t got a review on it, but I’ve noticed 7 Wonders is spoken highly of as well (and cheaper than Settlers to acquire).

    Do you think 7 Wonders (with expansions) would meet a the requirement for a “simple to grasp, yet strategic” game? Also have you had the chance to review the Cities expansion yet?

    • idlemichael

      I’d say that 7 Wonders would fit that perfectly – it’s got lots of paths to victory and offers a lot of strategy for a game that can be done in thirty minutes! I’ve not had a chance to try cities yet, but have heard many good things – if it’s half as decent as Leaders, I’d be delighted!

      • Luke

        Wow only just noticed I had this comment a while back – Cities turned out to be a very good expansion and well worth the purchase. Having the new black cards adds a new level to the game and the diplomacy tokens allow for some crafty combat shennanigans.

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