Little Metal Dog Show: Episode 2.6 -A Game of Chance with Alan Gerding!

A new episode appears! You can grab it from iTunes or – if you’re an impatient type – listen to it right here:

This time, the awesome Alan Gerding joins Michael to discuss all manner of things – from Dark Souls to death threats (yes!), it’s the traditional meandering LMDS that you all know and love. Alan (and his partner in crime, Sean McCoy) run Tuesday Knight Games, makers of Two Rooms and a Boom! aka: The World’s Greatest Party Game EVER, and are now back on the crowdfunding trail with their all new release…

World Championship Russian Roulette is currently on Kickstarter, and it’s unlike anything you’ve played before. After checking it out (and loving it) at Gen Con 2015, the guys have worked like demons on the game and – having learned MANY lessons from the 2R1B campaign – you know that this is going to be a good one. We talk about the Two Rooms journey, the perils and pitstops of making games, and what we can expect from Tuesday Knight Games in future.

Oh, and you should totally listen to the Tuesday Knight Games Podcast too, because it’s excellent. Head over to the KS and throw some money their way – you won’t regret it!

By the way, this was meant to be a much bigger podcast – I actually recorded an hour long interview with Patrick from Crash Games and Lance from Tasty Minstrel (yes, he came back following his appearance a couple of episodes ago!) all about their adventures at the Tokyo Game Market. Everything was great while we recorded… and then my apartment got struck by lightning. My computer was fritzed and I lost a LOT of files, including the recording with Patrick and Lance. I’m gutted, but we’ll be catching up again in the near future, hopefully at Origins, where we’ll discuss what they got up to again.

As ever, thanks for listening!

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