Episode 11 of the podcast – now available!

Moving house meant a little delay between this episode and the last, but at last Episode 11 of The Little Metal Dog Show is available! The direct link is right here (right click to save) and it’s available on iTunes, of course… why not leave a review? 😉

The usual combination of interviews and information, we open with a mini round-table (triangular table?) discussion on the UK gaming scene with the guys from Boardgames in Blighty and Thru The Portal – we cover a fair bit, including our thoughts on conventions and the view of gaming by the general public. (As a side note, if you’re a writer or podcaster here in the UK, you may be interested in the newly formed UK Gaming Media Network – check out the guild over at BoardGameGeek for more details.)

Following that, I chat with Brian Gregory and Mike Lawson from the relatively new Game Night Guys podcast. One of my favourites, the pair play a game and chat about it (or at least attempt to, they often meander off) and… well, that’s it. They really bounce well off each other and have a great rapport, playing classic board and card games that you may well have forgotten as well as curios that they’ve picked up along the way. Check them out!

As always, there’s a few notes and queries to tackle, which is done (as always) in the company of Chris (@RallyIV on Twitter). If you’d like to drop me a line, email littlemetaldog@gmail.com or poke me at @idlemichael – it’s always appreciated!



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