The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 3

Yup, it’s back again – the third episode of The Little Metal Dog Show is available for you to download directly from here or via iTunes. This time around I get to speak to Matt Leacock (the Spiel des Jahres nominated designer of Pandemic and Roll Through The Ages) about his latest game: Forbidden Island. I also got to catch up with the director of forthcoming documentary Going Cardboard, Lorien Green about what it takes to make a movie about meeples. As usual, feedback would be delightful, either on here or iTunes – good or bad is gratefully accepted! Oh, and apologies for my voice on the section with Matt… I recorded it at 6am my time and was feeling a little groggy!

Cheers for listening, and as always, thanks for your support. If you want to get in touch, get me on Twitter or email:


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2 responses to “The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 3

  1. The G

    Another good podcast. I really enjoyed the interview and also thought it was very well performed. in fact the whole things feels well planned and thought through meaning the pacing and order felt right and my attention was never lost. Nice little sound bites too. All in all keep it up.

    The only negative point I can think of, which isn’t that major by any means, is because you’re doing it by yourself it does tend to droop a little when it’s just yourself talking for extended periods. You interact very well with your guests making the interviews a good two way conversation but by yourself it’s a harder job to keep the audience interested imo. As the best moments seem to come from interaction perhaps you need a co-host? Someone to have a back and forth with and more or a conversation. Is still early days though so might be a long term idea and of course feel free to ignore my opinion as I’m still highly entertained.

    Speaking of expansions I actually bought the 1910 expansion for my friend and the big cards are what he goe on about all the time so good shout there. The Puerto Rico expansion i’d say was another good one as it adds alot of new and interesting buildings.

  2. idlemichael

    Good call on the expansions, and thanks for the kind words! As for a co-host, I’ve been looking for someone to take part in the end section – no-one suitable so far though! If you fancy giving it a shot, give me a shout!

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