The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2

The podcast is back again! After the first episode, people’s responses have blown me away – over 550 subscribers already. Thank you, every single one of you. I suppose a follow up is in order, so here you go: it’s another Little Metal Dog Show available now for your listening pleasure. Episode 2 has a talk with Tyma Hughes from – the UK’s leading site for all things regarding the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (and lots of other ones besides). There’s also a great interview with Colby Dauch, designer of Summoner Wars and founder of Plaid Hat Games. You can grab it on iTunes now, or if you’re impatient right-click and save on this link right here.

Thanks for listening!

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One response to “The Little Metal Dog Show – Episode 2

  1. hey hey! loved listening again, been looking at summoner wars for a while and have finally got it this week, so a timely podcast!

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